Common Sense Technology for Safety and Security at Sea





HMI presentation

InteliSea’s industrial HMIs allow you to monitor and control your vessel, even if there is a total AC power failure.

iPhone and iPad presentation

InteliSea’s iPad and iPhone apps allow you to monitor and control your vessel, no matter where you are.  Running late and need to disarm the security system for that repair man?  Get text messages when alarms happen?  No problem.

Computer monitor presentation

This is the primary presentation method of InteliSea.  It’s used mostly on bridge displays, but can also be used in other vessel locations.  It can even be used remotely.  UIX2 is installed on a PC.  It is touch enabled.

InteliSea integrates disparate shipboard systems with common sense thinking and innovative technology.  Using a variety of intuitive presentations, InteliSea provides awareness, command and control of shipboard functions.  The InteliSea system consists of both hardware and software.  In addition to user interfaces, it provides the sensors to generate information, industrial PLCs to gather and action the information, and servers to distribute telemetry and commands.

What’s new!

New versions of the iPhone and iPad apps are now available on the app store.  The new versions were published to conform to IOS 14.6 and Apple’s new device form factors.

Users of InteliSea V2 now have a new way to interact with their system.  The technology used to build the original UI back in 2006 was Adobe Flash®. which is no longer supported by Adobe.  Users might have experienced messages on their computers to this effect.  Even the InteliSea website disappeared for a while, as it too was built with Flash.  Now might be a good time to modernize your system.

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What’s makes InteliSea so reliable?

All InteliSea software for V2 systems is the same for every installation.  This means there is only one version of a program.  If a change or fix is required, it automatically applies to every customer.  This “single version” concept is the secret to our software reliability.  It applies to all the technologies we use, whether PLCs, HMIs, data collectors, device gateways or presentation clients.  Many other systems require unique programs for every installation.  Our way is better!  

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